I'm Barrett, a Software Developer.

About Me

I graduated with a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus.

I'm dedicated to both the building of, and the educating about, technology. As a Software Developer, I thrive on solving problems and creating software solutions to those problems. I'm always open to learning and acquiring new technical skills to further my career.

Currently, I am employed as a Junior Developer at ProSmart Enterprises Inc. in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. My continued goal is to gain experience and knowledge about the Software Industry.

I have made some of my documents, such as Resumes and Reference Letters, available below.

You can get in contact with me here.

Education & Skills

B.Sc. in Computer Science from UBC Okanagan

I attended The University of British Columbia's Okanagan Campus for my Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Computer Science. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent there because what I learned about encompassed far more that just the study of computing.

Speaking of 'what I learned', here is a list of the courses I took as part of my degree.

Course History

Languages (Proficient)

  • HTML
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Lua
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Visual Basic for Applications

Languages (Some Experience)

  • C
  • C++
  • CSS
  • MongoDB
  • Python
  • R (Studio)
  • SQL Server
  • XML


  • Android [Java]
  • Corona [Lua]
  • Drupal [CMS]
  • Laravel [PHP]

Portfolio & Repositories

Here are some of the projects that I've worked on.

  • "KissaVocab"

    Google Play Store Page

    "KissaVocab" (Vocab Cafe) is an educational game focusing on teaching basic Japanese vocabulary to students of Nina Langton's UBC Japanese Language courses. Play through all four mini-games to review, practice and encounter new vocabulary from the class.

  • "Skejooler"

    Skejooler on GitHub

    Skejooler was an Accelerate Okanagan based Educational Tech startup company. Their plan was to launch a web application for education providers who need a way to reduce the administrative overhead of scheduling the dates, times, and locations of external examinations taken by students.


And here are links to my code repositories, where I keep my code. I use GitHub as my primary repository.

Samples and Snippets

And for other samples of my code, check out my code snippets and challenges.


Things I'm Proud Of

The following article previews are some of the things that I am most proud of from my University career.

Junior Developer @ ProSmart Enterprises Inc.

I have accepted a Junior Developer position at ProSmart Enterprises Inc. in Kelowna, BC, beginning in 2018!

Okanagan College Innovation Grant Study

I worked with an Okanagan College Professor to write software and build a prototype device that will help to collect and process data. This data could provide insights into student-lecture interactions.

5+ Years Volunteering @ UBC Okanagan

From my 5+ years with the Community Technology Program, to my service in other technically-focused programs like NNELS, SLR, Tech Savy Seniors, Teaching Kids To Code, and even the CMHA. I'm passionate about helping people discover and learn about technology that can improve their life.

KissaVocab - Basic Japanese Vocabulary App for UBCO's Nina Langton, FCCS.

This Android app was grant funded, and I was asked to speak about my co-op experience at the 2016 Learning Conference.

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